Game Rules


Here's a simple overview of the rules for new players to our system. As always, we reserve the right to modify these rules as the season goes on (more on that below). Please check back to this page or check the episode newsfeed when logged in to stay up to date with the latest in scoring changes.


For those of you who haven't played in past seasons, or for those who need a refresher on the rules, the basic premise is this:

  • You, the player, draft a roster of 8 survivors from this season's list of 20 contestants to be on your team
  • Each week you will put up to 5 of those players on your active roster (scoring points) and leave the rest on your bench (not scoring)
  • During each episode, based on the rules detailed below, your 5 active survivors will (hopefully) earn you points
  • Benched survivors will neither earn you nor cost you points.
  • Throughout the season, certain events from the show will trigger redrafts, meaning you will get to swap out any of your active* survivors (keep any or all of them or draft an entirely different roster, it's up to you).
  • The goal of the game is to earn more points than anybody else
  • Basically, the longer each of your active picks stays in the game and the more challenges they win, the more points they will earn you


Your team will consist of 8 survivors, 5 starters and 3 on your bench. The survivors on your starting roster will score points while benched survivors will not. This means you draft 8 survivors before the season begins. You may, and are encouraged to, update which survivors are active and which are benched as many times a week as need be. Roster positions will be locked (usually around 5pm MST) the day that an episode is airing and will be unlocked once the episode is over and new scores have been entered. You will only be able to switch out survivors from your team (starting roster and bench) during redrafts.

REDRAFTING (new as of Edge of Extinction)
A redraft is an event that allows you to swap-out any or all of your remaining surviving players with any other survivors in the game. A redraft is always triggered by some event in survivor, as explained below. If you choose not to redraft your team will remain the same as the previous week.

 - the 1st episode (pick all new survivors based on what you saw or keep as many or all of them the same)
 - after any tribe switch-up (tribes combined / split-up / rocks drawn / new tribes created / or multiple members swapped per tribe)
 - the merge


Surviving a round: 
earned per surviving pick anytime a player leaves the game (voted off, quits, etc) Pre merge: 3 Post Merge: 6

Participating in reward:
earned per pick who gets to participate, for any reason, in any kind of reward: 2 (+1)
(extra point for 1st place teams in 3 team challenges)

Team immunity:
earned per pick who is on a team that wins an immunity challenge: 2 (+1)
(If three tribes are competing, the team that finishes first will be awarded an extra point.)

Wins individual reward:
earned if a pick wins an individual reward challenge: 4

Wins Individual immunity:
earned if a pick wins an individual immunity challenge: 6 

Gets clue to hidden idol:
earned if a pick is given or finds a clue to a hidden immunity idol (first to touch or read): 1

Finds hidden immunity / receives willed Legacy Idol / other advantage:
earned per pick who finds a hidden immunity idol (first to touch idol): 3
if advantage is required to be given to somebody else: 1

Uses hidden immunity / advantage:
earned per pick who is awarded immunity at tribal council due to a hidden immunity idol: 6

Voted off with individual immunity idol:
deducted if a pick leaves the game for any reason while holding a hidden immunity idol: -6

Losing a vote:
deducted for any player losing their vote, counted at tribal council when they cannot vote: -3

Uses hidden immunity idol to create "Super Immunity Idol":
earned for each immunity idol used to create a super idol: 3

Vote cancellation bonus:
earned for every vote that is canceled out by playing a hidden immunity idol: 1
(These points are awarded to the pick(s) who possess(ed) an idol and orchestrate its use)

Makes fake individual immunity idol:
earned if a pick creates or fashions a fake hidden individual immunity idol: 2
earned if the fake idol is played by another pick at tribal council: 4

Player quits:
deducted per pick who leaves the game voluntarily: -8

Medical removal:
earned per pick who is forced to leave the game due to medical reasons: 8

Jury vote:
earned per jury vote cast for a pick: 10

Sole Survivor:
earned if pick is the winning sole survivor: 20


Player picked to participate in summit 1 Point
Individual advantage taken away (i.e. extra vote, etc) -3 Points
Earning extra vote (same as finding ind. advantage) 3 Points
Any player who uses extra vote (same as using ind. advantage) 6 Points
Shot In The Dark immunity (same as playing ind. immunity) 6 Points


We reserve the right to add new point categories and/or modify existing point structures based on unforeseen or new twists added to the game. Notifications will be sent out if anything is changed or updated.