Welcome to Tribal-Council.Com

A few words from Adam Klein


Welcome to the best Fantasy Survivor League on the internet! If you've been looking for the best Survivor Fantasy Pool, you've found it. We've been running our game for over 14 years (that's 25+ seasons!), and have thousands of happy, dedicated players. We can't wait to get started on Season 43 of SURVIVOR and we hope you'll join us. We're also extremely excited to bring you the brand-spanking-new Tribal Council 2.0! Here's an overview of our new features:

  • Social Login
  • Multiple Leagues
  • Security and Speed


No longer do you need to remember a unique login for our site! You can still sign up the traditional way if you'd like, but now you can easily use a Reddit, Discord, or Steam account to register and sign in with only a couple of clicks. For those of you who prefer a traditional account, our sign up process has been streamlined along with a complete rework of password resets and account management. Sadly with our move to a new system, your old account is gone (gasp, egads!). Luckily signup is a breeze these days, so hopefully you'll find it easy to get in and get going again.


There once was a time when you had to make that all-important decision: what one league should I join? Well worry no more! All players can join up to 3 leagues including public and private. Users may still only make a single private league, but they can still join other private or public leagues to fill out their 3 slots. Each league lets you pick a full roster of 8 survivors, and you'll be able to manage them separately as the season goes on. They also have individual ranks on the leaderboards!


We have done a complete back-end overhaul to improve site speed by over 10x, security has been insanely improved, and the system is more easily extensible and running with modern tools. After 12 years, our old dusty code was just a little too dated for our liking. We hope you'll enjoy the peace of mind that your account is secure and your information won't be used for anything but login. We store as little information about you as possible.


As long-time survivor lovers, this site has always been a labor of love for the game. Without dedicated players, we never would have made it this far or sunk so much time into the system. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we do, and want to spend your time with others who share that enthusiasm! Hopefully you're as stoked as we are about the new updates and can't wait for the season to start.

If you're new here, please read over the rules page and make yourself an account!

Got nothing for ya, head back to camp. Goodnight!

- Medium Mike and Weatherstation
Made with love in Colorado, USA