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Welcome back to The Best Fantasy Survivor League on the internet. Last season, we launched a highly-requested new feature:


"Hardcore Mode" private leagues make their debut this season! This heavily requested feature brings back our original version of redrafting.

When the feature was first launched, we blocked any voted out survivors from being moved in or out of your team during a redraft. While this was changed in later seasons to make the game more engaging, we've brought it back for those who want it. 

Available today for all private leagues, Hardcore Mode will enable the older, locked-roster functionality for voted out survivors. It is available as an option when creating a private league.

Along with this, we've adjusted the user flow for creating and joining leagues. This should help reduce confusion for first-time players trying to join a private league, as well as lays the ground work for additional per-league settings in the future.

For those of you that have been asking, we hope you enjoy it!


Our long-time players know this site has always been a labor of love for the game. We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for playing with us and spending your time on the site! It's all of you that keep us coming back and doing this every season.

Got nothing for ya, head back to camp. Goodnight!

- Medium Mike and Weatherstation
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