About Tribal-Council.Com


It all started many, many years ago with a small group of friends. Weatherstation began running a private pool using a simple python script to calculate roster scores and would send updates through email to everyone. It was great fun, but a bit clunky. Your trades had to be made through a reply to the group!

This continued for a few seasons, until one propitious day when Medium Mike was invited to join the pool. After being shown an overview of how things worked by Weatherstation, a long conversation ensued over a few beers as to how these two childhood friends (and software engineers) could do it better. With an easy-to-use site where all of their friends could log in, new roster tools and some expanded rules, it would be a no-brainer upgrade to a much more enjoyable experience for players. That very next season, the alpha version of Tribal-Council.com was born (albeit under a different name at the time).

Word quickly began to spread throughout their extended friend groups and before they knew it, there were over 200 players on the site and the buzz was real. They secured the domain Tribal-Council.com, and decided to start posting on the  /r/survivor subreddit when signups were open. Since then, the player base has grown every season, and the game has only improved.


The short answer? We don't.

We pay completely out of pocket to host the site, do all of the software development ourselves, come up with our own rule decks, and perform our own community management.

We have never run ads, we will never sell your information, and WE HAVE LOVED IT. Starting with Season 41 however, we have finally added a donation button. If you'd like to buy us a coffee (but let's be real, it will go to our server bills) you can do so at the link below:



We make some pretty big claims in regards to being the best Survivor fantasy league on the internet. That being said, when we say it -- we mean it.

We didn't like the way existing Survivor Fantasy leagues worked so we decided to come up with a point system and management platform that actually rewards good survivor game play. We honestly believe it to be the best format of any other Survivor Fantasy League out there. This site has been built purely out of our own passion for the game as a gift for like-minded fans.

Registration is free and easy and is actively plugged by us only on /r/survivor. We don't make any money on this site and do it only for fun.

We hope you'll click the Create Account link at the top of the page and join us for the next season! We can't wait to have you join us.